15 October 2012

Expats Post – The New Online Writing Contender

There's a new writing site online and it's time to get involved.

Before writing this article I had to check to find out when Expats Post came into existence and although I don’t know the exact date I do know that it’s not even a year old.

I wrote my first article, And So Here We Are, back in December 12th 2011, and this article gives a few clues as to how the new writing site came about. To say that EP was born out of adversity would probably be slightly over dramatic but not too far off the mark. With adversity however comes opportunity and when you have nothing to lose why not simply start up your own writing site, which is exactly what the founding members did.

So what makes Expats Post different from all of the other writing sites or citizen journalism (citizen journalism, it’s been a long time since I’ve heard that term) sites out there?

Expats Post has been created by writers not by business people. This means the site can focus on quality, not on how many articles of any kind they cram onto the site to make revenue from advertising. Yes there is some advertising on the site but unlike some other sites the revenue goes solely towards running costs and is also split between writers (in the form of profit sharing) – this is not a site where the writers submit for free for years on end only to see any revenue swallowed up into the pockets of the creators.

This also means that there are no hidden agendas behind Expats Post such as favouritism to writers who bring in high page views – everyone on the site is equal whether they are novice or previously published writers.

Get involved with Expats Radio shows

In less than a year Expats Post has grown to encompass its own Expats Radio Show where host Bill Friday interviews writers from the site (and other creatives not attached to the site) every Friday. Dean Walker and Larry Conley also host the Political Hurricane Show every Sunday. There are dedicated poetry and art sections within Expats Post and a media gallery where you can post your own videos if that is your preferred method to get your work across.

Although the site is looking for quality writers this is not an elitist site. A certain standard of writing is important but so too is being passionate about your work whether you are a novice or a seasoned writer. There is a vetting process for all new writers to the site but this is simply to ensure that you are the right fit for Expats Post (and to stop spammers – no one likes spam).

Expats Post welcomes new writers who have something to say, something new to say whether it’s a short story, a poem, a journalism piece or simply a rant about not being able to sleep at night (that’s one of mine). If confidence in your writing is an issue then don’t worry, we’ve all been there and the first step is to write, get involved and grow. Every writer has to start somewhere.

So why would you want to write for Expats Post?

*Do you want to join a growing writing site with no hidden agendas and no bias or censorship from editors?

*Do you want to join an actual community of writers who encourage, help each other to grow as writers and help each other to promote their work out there on the net?

*Do you want to write and read articles on politics, writing, news, film, human interest and human rights, interviews, short stories, poetry, art, travel, humour and books?

If the answer to the above questions is yes then head over to Expats Post and take a look around. Register at the site to either comment on articles or to contribute and become part of this rapidly growing writing site.

Thanks for reading.

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Julian Gallo said...

Awesome Garry. This is great and I think it should encourage a lot of writers, etc to check it out. Amazing - and it's almost 1 year since it began. The thinking process started around late Oct, early November of 2011, if my memory serves me right. Great job!

Garry Crystal said...

Thanks Julian. I couldn't remember exactly when the site started but it seems to have come a long way in just under a year.

Bill Friday said...


Straight from the Expats Post archives... http://expatspost.com/creative/hello-world/
December 4th, 2011.

Garry Crystal said...

Nice one Bill. It's saying page not found but I'm taking the 11th Dec as the one year point. Whisky on.

Dani Heart said...

Garry what a wonderful introduction. I love it! I have shared it everywhere I can. :)

Garry Crystal said...

Thanks for sharing Dani, much appreciated.

spheremusic said...

Interesting Garry. You have a great page going here. Keep it up man! It is refreshing to read something other than music XD


Garry Crystal said...

Thanks Baxter, will check out your music site.