20 May 2011

New Talent - Valentina. EP - Weights.

Stunning debut EP from London based singer/songwriter Valentina.

It’s very rare, for me anyway, to find a new singer/songwriter and think, “Woh, that's really good, it’s actually making my skin tingle.” It’s even rarer for me to then buy the person’s CD when there are a few other ways to get it that doesn’t involve actually paying hard earned cash. I have thousands of songs on itunes but I always seem to end up playing the same music repeatedly so it’s always good to find a band or singer that can actually make me listen to new stuff. But the 25 year old singer/songwriter Valentina from London has managed it.

Italian born Valentina Pappalardo has been described as sounding along the lines of Joni Mitchell but as I can’t actually remember any of Joni Mitchell’s songs (the shame I know) I will have to obtain a second opinion on that one. Valentina has just released her first EP called Weights containing five songs concerning love (of course) and loss that were written during the breakdown of her relationship with her boyfriend.

For me the standout song is the seven minute atmospheric opener Weights in Your Shoes, which has a kind of Sigur Ros feel but with amazingly powerful vocals. Heart of Glass (no it’s not a Blondie cover) is another stand out song and there is a great acoustic version although I prefer the EP version which takes off on a beautiful spiraling crescendo.

Valentina; best thing I’ve heard this year.
Buy her EP and say you were one of the first to discover her. As you can probably tell I don't usually write music reviews so listen to Valentina yourself and decide.
Valentina - Weights EP by facultydigital

Valentina - Weights, available on itunes and Amazon

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TJ Lubrano said...

I love the song! Especially the piano at the beginning. She is such a great artist. It's a shame that a lot of great artist aren't getting the fame they deserve.