22 May 2011

Cafe Charbon, My Favourite Bar (so far) in Paris

Thought I would stick this picture up. It’s a painting by Andrew Gadd of my favourite bar in Paris, the Café Charbon. 

The Café Charbon is a much loved bar/restaurant in what is also my favourite area of Paris so far, the vibrant Oberkampf neighbourhood.  The Café Charbon boasts wide windows in which to sit and people watch while sipping wine. With its high ceilings, hanging lights and little booths it really is a beautiful and atmospheric bar in which to while away a rainy afternoon or evening in Paris.  Been here twice but strangely have not been drunk in this place; have left that till after, although a few bottles of the best red wine I have tasted were consumed while sitting at the bar. It does get pretty packed on weekend nights though so get there early if you want a seat at the bar; and then don't even think about going to the toilets as your seat will be taken when you get back.

A tip from the Café Charbon bar staff - if you drink water with or after your wine it will get you drunk quicker. Something to do with the alcohol getting into your bloodstream quickly, not that I’ve ever found it hard to get drunk. The bar staff are very laid back and even filled my friend’s bag with ice in which to keep her champagne chilled on the way home. There is a Café Charbon in New York on the lower East Side now but the Café Charbon Oberkampf is the orginal.

Definitely worth a visit if in Paris.


askcherlock said...

Garry, I can so visualize you in these cafe's. You belong in such places, talking, writing, conversing some more and studying the faces and the nuances of each person there. Thank you for giving us this artistic glimpse of a society to which you should belong.

Melody said...

Café Charbon Oberkampf is in the neighborhood in Paris where my son lived several years ago. He knows the place well and just happened to see the picture while I was looking at the article. I wonder if the Universe has something in the works for me. I keep running into mentions of Paris and France.

The last time I was there my friend Delphine and I went to coffee at, of all places, Starbucks. I must have looked disappointed when she told me, but when we arrived I understood. It was in a beautiful, old-fashioned building, with very high ceilings and wonderful paintings. I believe it had been part of an hôtel at one time, but don't quote me. I do believe my caramel macchiato tasted better than usual!

Garry Crystal said...

It is a great bar and Oberkampf is a such a lively neighbourhood, so much going on there. Your son is lucky to have lived there, i'm jealous.

Melody said...

He was in Paris for five years and lived in several places. I'm so glad to have him on this continent again, but I've lost my free place to stay in the City of Lights.

And why are you jealous? You live right across the Channel. I'm over 8,000 miles away. We really need transporter technology. Captain Jean-Luc Picard, take me away!

Garry Crystal said...

Sounds like he has had a great time travelling about. Can see why you are sad at not having the place in Paris though. I'll start working on the transporter now, shouldn't take that long to knock one up.