05 March 2009

War Criminal Tony Blair Laughing All The Way To The Bank

War criminal Tony Blair, who along with Bush started an illegal war that killed over a million innocent people in Iraq is now also raking in millions since he has left office.

In his first year since leaving office the murdering entity has made over £12 million.

Blair and Bush should be tried in the Hague for war crimes as soon as possible, there is more than enough evidence to put both of them away. They broke the laws of the UN and there is already a major citizen's petition in the US to arrest Bush and Cheney. Blair cannot just get away with this and keep raking in millions. His present job as a "peace envoy" in the Middle East is a laughable disgrace and he should be arrested and held accountable.

For more information on Blair's crimes, not that anyone on the planet is not aware of them go to - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Od_jdg7n6-s&feature=related

Max Clifford, King Of The Ambulance Chasers

Is anything off limits to PR guru Max Clifford?

At the moment the tabloid and OK magazine readers in the UK are fixated on watching a reality television star die of cervical cancer. Jade Goody, 27, became the unlikely star of the reality show Big Brother in 2002, and due to her lack of general knowledge and her rough upbringing she was widely criticised by the tabloid press and became a popular hate figure.

Her appearance in Celebrity Big Brother in 2007 again fuelled controversy when she was evicted from the house after racist remarks made by Goody against Indian film actress Shilpa Shetty. This was more than enough for the British tabloids to once again leap on Goody and proclaim her career over.

Move forward to 2008 and Goody has been diagnosed with cervical cancer and again has the attention of the British tabloids. She was first told that she actually had cervical cancer while taking part in the Indian version of Big Brother. The announcement that the cancer was terminal was made in February 2009 by Goody’s publicist Max Clifford.

Clifford is well known in the media world as the man who will take a salacious celebrity sex scandal and milk it for every penny. A huge number of his stories are simply made up such as sex cover-up stories and celebs dating other celebs; completely fake but readers do believe them. View the link below to watch the television show with Clifford planting numerous stories in the press for Simon Cowell.

His latest acquisition is the 13 year old alleged father Alfie Patten. Patten’s own father was photographed last week holding up a placard to journalists proclaiming, ‘No Comment. Ring Max.’ Alfie’s parents are obviously relying on Clifford to make them a fortune from the non-story of a 13 year old allegedly becoming a father.

Clifford is regarded as the best cash-in PR Guru. Cash-in meaning he will milk a story to the death, and in Goody’s case it literally means just that. Every aspect of Goody’s tradegy is being sold to the press by Clifford. Among the many deals made by Clifford was Goody’s wedding day last week that brought in £700,000 from OK magazine, and Living TV paid £100,00 to televise the big day. The money will be placed in a trust fund for Goody’s children. It is not known how much Clifford actually stands to make from Goody’s cancer although his usual fee is said to be 20%.

Last week Clifford made the announcement that Goody will not die on camera. She is now very close to her few final weeks according to Clifford and her death would not be viewed by the public, “If he has anything to do with it.” Were there actually people who thought that Goody’s death would be televised? Or was Max just showing his caring side and reassuring the public that he was really looking out for Goody.

Clifford’s rationalisation when it comes to these stories he sells is that “It's a game and they [the media] understand the game.” He also claims that, "The reality is that being at the centre of so many things (stories he sells) is extremely advantageous in lots of different ways," he says. "It's trading, it's awareness, it's all kinds of things." And that the reality is, ironically, as Clifford stated, "Most journalists would sell their own mothers for a great story.”

Clifford it seems won’t sell his own mother for a story but he will trade on the death of minor reality television celebrity. In his eyes it’s all a game and as long as palms are greased and people make money it’s all fair game to him, with Goody simply another pawn. There has been quite a bit of negativity directed towards Clifford over Goody’s story, from the public and unusually from some members of the press. Unusually, because as Clifford stated, he and the press do feed from and mutually exploit one another.

While much sympathy is understandably being directed towards Goody from the public there is equally as much venom directed towards Max Clifford. He has been accused of trying to turn Goody’s final weeks into this year’s Princess Diana tragedy. But with this story he has only succeeded in turning himself into the king of the PR ambulance chasers. And the question of how much is enough and where do you draw the line has to be answered. As Goody herself said, ‘I’ve lived in front of the cameras. And maybe I’ll die in front of them.’ But we do of course have Clifford's comforting reassurance that it won't come to that if he has anything to do with it.

Television show, When Louis Met Max - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnVNEEFWhb8